Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Website Ordering Buttons & Extras

I'm not sure yet, which one will be the one for the Buy it right now or add to cart function. Not sure if I should create a button that reads 'add to cart' instead. I just wanted to keep the wording simple so that it would fit into the little sun frame. I just don't know which word to choose, or if there is another word that would better be suited.

Add = makes me think of math, (not necessarily shopping?)
Order = makes me thing of something either religious or Order Rather than Chaos (But shopping?)
Buy = looks like I am demanding?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. So Please comment if you come across this. I really need some feedback.

Also, here are some other navigation style link images for the new site, along with some other site tidbits:

Above 'Info' is part of my new navigation links style image.

Above (although hard to see because of the size) is part of my new bar style frames throughout the site.


1 comment:

Patricia said...

The occultish vibe of the "Order" button is most attractive to me - I agree with your sense of it, and don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. "BUY" does look rather aggressive, and "ADD" is the most basic and clear of the three. However, "Order" has an aesthetic appeal as well - the letters have a flow, and the word itself elicits a more sophisticated feeling.