Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Catalog sections almost finished...

It is taking me forever to build the new catalog... so far I am almost finished with the first Altered Art Collage Jewelry section. There will be MANY pages within the Altered Art Collage Jewelry section, as there are multiple sections with the AAC area & many pages within each selection. Phew... As well, the Bridal Collection will have about 2 pages (of classic Eyescream Jewelry mostly Pearl & Sterling Circlet & pendant designs) though the designs listed could also be customized in other stones & colors if inquired.
So I have a few more pages to type up descriptions, then onto creating the Paypal order buttons for each.
wish me luck.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Site LIVE

Well, as of last night my new website is Finally LIVE. It took another full day of republishing it over & over to fix site bugs & such. There will still be some links that either lead nowhere or don't exist yet. Now the tedious task of rebuilding my catalog.
Thanks for everyones patience.
More to come & back to the grind...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Organizing, orders... & then...

I just spent the last few hours attempting to organize my work space, storage closets & shelves...
And even purchased some overly cutesy floral storage boxes & bins... they are a bit too arty farty fresh & fruity for me... but I am so tired of looking at cardboard & plastic as far as storage containers.
I still have a few + orders to finish up... & I truly want to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my new website building. The only problem is my less than 2 week deadline is approaching & I still don't have my catalog & a few other site pages even started yet.
How I wish there were some magical way to just point & click my work for sale online.
let me just side step & show my age a little....
Calgon take me away . . .
time for Guru energy drink, Strawberry shortcake rush, at least 2 more custom crown orders tonight & maybe even another page or 2 for my website... or maybe even *gasp* my Catalog Opening page *ungasp*
wish me luck.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Michael Demeng Anatomical Man Class

So Sunday March 2nd I headed out for a long awaited Michael Demeng Class in Berkeley.
It was an odd start for me. Missing my bus, missing my transfer train & then another bus. Arrived 15min. in, and took me a while to wake up & jump in the game.
(my creative time is normally around 11pm till daybreak)... so attempting to create at 10 in the morning was interesting. It wasn't until after lunch that I felt alive & really settled into creating... of course at that time the class was nearly over & ready for the overview.

Michael was friendly, funny & had some good advice for techniques in collaging my plastic Anatomy figure into a work of art.

My Horned Ancient Guardian of the key was unfinished... and though Mike had said the piece looked finished as it was. I continued to create after I got home. Then went out and had a fabulous Mexican meal with the hus (who had bought the class for me as a Valentines gift ).
Then back for Sweet Honey Mead wine & final creation.

I realized in adding extra chains & wired caging around the open chest area... it really changed the overall feel of the piece. Maybe even less emphasis on the Large Onyx horns. But in the end... it was what I wanted to do. So I stepped away from the work & let it be what it is.

(michael & I after class)

Technique/concepts & flow:

-Plastic Anatomical Figure... innards taken out. Face sliced down with dremel. NouVeau Stamp attached.
-hands drilled & chest ridge drilled for future wiring & chain attachments
-Wired feet down to base (base found object Heavy Brass almost like a gauge)
- Gold glass rays button with color wash over.
- Gold plastic bead trim frame body of the piece (drawing eye inward says 'michael' :)
-Horns: Carved Black Onyx wired into place
-Key & Skull attached to innard well
-coated in white dap kwik caulk for texture
-Painted over in varying effects: Carbon Black, Paynes Gray, Dioxane Purple blend/wash
-More colors included Permenant Bronze, Ant. Silver

Midnight at home design continuation included:
-painting accents of Bronze & wash over face & details of mask.
- more wash & darkened details on body, & accent glow hues inside chest well.
- Wired Darkened Brass with black glass teardrops around chest.
- Chain sweeps & tiny black glass heart with tiny accent Bronze painted heart hanging chest center.
- Long Chain sweeps & Waterfall of asymetrical chain drops & tears from hands.
- left over wire around base used to accent sweep for one side of drops. Drops sit inside coil.
- repaint over brass base with Bronze & dark wash accents.


any comments welcome. Sorry I did not get the name of the other students in class, so I do not have names next to pieces by others.
Luckily I got a ride home from 2 of my table/classmates Deborah & Daniel. I took a few pics of everyones pieces...Will post pics of others work.


All together now...

My horned Guardian before Final Wired cage & drops.
Love the pic with Mike in the background... Almost like mike is a giant next to all the collaged creatures.