Thursday, March 6, 2008

Organizing, orders... & then...

I just spent the last few hours attempting to organize my work space, storage closets & shelves...
And even purchased some overly cutesy floral storage boxes & bins... they are a bit too arty farty fresh & fruity for me... but I am so tired of looking at cardboard & plastic as far as storage containers.
I still have a few + orders to finish up... & I truly want to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my new website building. The only problem is my less than 2 week deadline is approaching & I still don't have my catalog & a few other site pages even started yet.
How I wish there were some magical way to just point & click my work for sale online.
let me just side step & show my age a little....
Calgon take me away . . .
time for Guru energy drink, Strawberry shortcake rush, at least 2 more custom crown orders tonight & maybe even another page or 2 for my website... or maybe even *gasp* my Catalog Opening page *ungasp*
wish me luck.


tigerrune said...

Please tell me your jewellry website is having *temporary* problems. I just tried accessing a link that my financee wanted to by and it is not found, and then I tried submitting a General Enquiry and your Submit button isn't working! The SendMail.php isn't found.

Hope it works out soon!

~Eyescream~ said...

tigerrune, The old website is no longer alive. I just loaded a brand new website. As stated on the previous site before It went down, the old site & old 1000 item catalog will take me forever to rebuild. I just updated my site to go live late last night & as of an hour ago, I fixed my Contact page on the site to be able to submit.
But my old catalog is gone. I have to build a new one from scratch so it will be a while. I will be loading items in little by little each week (& probably a little each day) starting with my new Altered Art Collage Jewelry, then some Classic Eyescream Jewelry creations.

If you can tell me (via through your Fiancee) what type of item it was & maybe what it looked like, I can see if I can locate it & let you know. Contact me through my site.