Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Creating Art while vending ???

'Beaming Eye of Inspiration'

I love the instant satisfaction of positive words about my work. (which is why I continue to vend from time to time). Online sales are great as well, but I need to connect physically/mentally/emotionally/ live with others to fully feel feedback sometimes.
So far I've introduced my new line of Altered Art & Collage jewelry creations last September, and had been working hard on creating & honing the resin work and such months prior.
There have been over 400 pieces created. Each a different piece of wearable art. Literally!
With Resin set images spanning from my photos, actual miniature paintings, collages, vintage altered pieces, drawings, photoshop/digital art etc.
It's been pretty fulfilling hearing people comment on my art (not just my jewelry art) but my literal art/paintings/photography & aesthetic in color & arrangement. It's funny how calming & artistically well rounded I feel doing this sort of jewelry creations.
The downside so far is that I haven't posted any of my work for sale online, and I've been selling them to fast to post.

Tonight, what I call my little poopoo (term of endearment) scissors design sold twice over. As well as one of my Serpent Twins locket & my fave Cthulu Skull print set in sterling.

So I've decided to now bring a small assortment bag of art supplies with me to vend. Not just my standard jewelry tools for quickie adjustments... but some of my smaller hand carved rubber stamps, ink, coupla paints & my new Moleskin brand sketchbook. I actually created a beautiful piece tonight & was surprised I could do so in a crowded loud & somewhat smokey goth club.
I just got to the point that I didn't care & just started to massacre my new book, until luckily it all fell into place & began to flow (I was a little nervous for a while).

'Beaming Eye of Inspiration'

tools & techniques:
  • Collage my digital art self portrait
  • laid on painted black journal page
  • Enhance Beaming rays by painting Silver Acrylic
  • stamp Eye with handmade carved rubber stamp w/black mica ink
  • Color with shimmers of silver paint wash &
    silver ant. pearl ex
  • color with more pearl ex & powdered eye shadow colors for peachy/pink hues
  • hand stamp bottom with part of my handmade/carved rubber stamp of my octopus (tentacles flipped up)...
  • hand paint details...

So to re-cap:

  1. Dark Club + jewelry making = bad lighting = not very inspiring = not a lot done! but . . .
  2. Dark Club + Art Supplies (ie: paint, paper, stamps) = Calm, Fun, Focus (unbelievably so), Fluid, Flow!!! (though I can see how this might not be for everyone :)


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