Monday, February 4, 2008

Art in Blues

Just some paintings I've done...

'Blue Mermaid'
Acrylic on Canvas
(but much more interesting & color flow in person... & slightly blotchy in the pic).
This images has been a theme used often... but it is the first larger painting.
It started as a photograph that I took of myself. Later & in many incarnations, it became a digital art design, printed, painted, photographed, digital art in photoshop again, printed, painted... etc etc... until finally, it was hand drawn onto a medium/large canvas & painted.

'Muse in the Trees or Forest Nymph'
8.5x11" on Canvas Cloth
This first was a nude photo taken of myself in the woods (many years ago) though it has gone through many processes. Light digital print from actual photo. with added Medieval design borders printed onto canvas cloth. Then Hand painted with Acrylics.

Both works are self portraits.

thats all for now.


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